Brigitte Resch

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for family law

Brigitte Resch has many years of experience as a specialist in family law and has worked exclusively in this area of law since the beginning of her career.

Family matters are matters of trust. As such, our clients are advised by Ms. Resch with competence and commitment. The primary goal of her work is to provide an objective discussion between the spouses intending to separate, which is often necessary, especially with regard to the fate of joint children. Ms. Resch is committed to this, but without losing sight of her clients' interests.

Ms. Resch accompanies her clients not only during the separation period and the divorce proceedings, but is also the legal contact person with regard to an intended marriage or for family law issues outside of marriage.

The focus of her work is not only the drafting of prenuptial agreements or agreements on the consequences of divorce but also the enforcement of financial claims. This includes claims for maintenance as well as claims for compensation of gains, but also the distribution of assets and securing of pension schemes.

With regard to the ever more frequently practiced change model for handling, Ms. Resch has intensively dealt with the associated maintenance question.

Among the clientele of Ms. Resch are among other things physicians, owners or shareholders of medium-sized enterprises as well as civil servants. For this reason she is the competent partner for all questions in connection with provisions by funds established for members of professional bodies and for civil servants. Her competence also allows her to advice on all issues related to  marriages involving entrepreneurs.

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