Hermann Knott taking Co-Lead in organizing 14th SCLA Global Forum

On Friday, February 26, 2021, the SCLA will hold its monthly Global Forum. The topic of this month’s event will be ‚Routes to Enforcement of Mediation Settlements‘. With court and even abritration proceedings having become time-consuming, and expensive and difficult to manage in an environment characterized by distancing requirements, mediation is the perfect alternative. To be a successful method of dispute resolution, settlements need to be enforceable.

The explosive growth of mediation shows that the public, when aware, will often choose a non-adversarial option and will likely receive better results over a shorter period of time with the additional benefit of resolving diputes without destroying relationships oftern built of a long peirod of time. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” Taking this quote into consideration the mediation community is approaching a bright future. The 14th SCLA Global Forum will focus on the three most eminent challenges on the enforcement of settlements, namely:

  • Enforcement schemes across different jurisdictions;
  • Med-Arb (Converting settlement agreements into consent awards) as a future trend in mediation enforcement;
  • Challenges Facing the Singapore Convention on Mediation;

SCLA Global Forum is a monthly event that brings together diverse leading experts such as law ministries, scholars, judiciary, arbitrators, mediators, law firms, in-house counsels, law students, policy makers and legal technology companies along with the non-legal professionals and businesses to redefine the future of the global legal industry. By promoting open and honest communication, the forum inspires cross-cultural understanding and professional collaborations.

Click here for the Draft agenda for the 14th SCLA Global Forum