Real Estate and Construction

Experience and expertise in real estate law, construction and architectural law, project and claims management, as well as in the conduct of negotiations and litigation are the secure foundation for the success of our clients. In the WirtschaftsWoche ranking, Kunz was awarded the title "TOP Law Firm Construction Law 2020" in the legal field of "Construction Law". Dr. Dr. Theis was awarded as "TOP LAWYER Construction Law 2020".

Architects, engineers, construction companies, craftsmen, property developers, project developers, house and condominium owners, the public sector and private individuals can rely on the fact that our specialist lawyers for construction and architectural law as well as for tenancy and residential property law not only have excellent specialist knowledge but are also familiar with the characteristics of the sectors.

For each subject area, interdisciplinary competence teams are available to our clients as required. Our specialist lawyers have gained extensive experience over decades throughout Germany in the field of "construction and real estate", which benefits our clients.

In addition, our specialized lawyers act as lecturers for recognized training institutes of construction chambers, associations, and the public sector.

Our clients benefit from the cooperation of our firm with chambers of commerce, associations, colleges and universities, including our firm's membership in the coordination circle of the BIM Cluster Rhineland-Palatinate.

KUNZ news on our area of competence "Real Estate and Construction


Our "Real Estate and Construction" Team consisting of

  • four specialist lawyers for building and architectural law,
  • a specialist lawyer for tenancy law,
  • a property manager (IHK) and
  • three specialist lawyers for public procurement law


is particularly active in the following areas:

Construction Law

  • Building Contracts German Civil Code, Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations Part B (German: VOB/B)
  • GTC, Service Description, Remuneration, Payments on Account, Supplements
  • Invoicing, Acceptance, Termination, Defects, Warranty, Statute of Limitations, Insurances
  • Consumer Building Contract
  • Building Specification, Right of Withdrawal
  • Property Development Contracts
  • Prefabricated House Contract
  • Conciliation and Mediation

Architects & Engineers

  • Drafting of Contracts /General Planner Contracts
  • Schedule of Fees for Services of
  • Architects and Engineers (German: HOAI): Remuneration, Fee Agreements
  • Liability, Warranty
  • Construction Cost Overruns

Project Management

  • Project Development, Project Control Agreement, Project Management
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) method, Client Information Requirements, BIM Schedule, Creation of BIM Special Terms and Conditions
  • Legal Project Management

Legal Support of Construction Projects throughout the entire Project Phases

  • Control of the Tender and Awarding of Planning Services
  • Support and Advice during the Tender and Awarding of Contracts for the Construction
  • Legal Support during Construction and Contract Execution as External Legal Department
  • Advice on Subsidy Law issues


  • Collaterals for Contractors and Principals
  • Collaterals for Performance of Contract, Collaterals for Defects, Suretyship, Contractual Penalty
  •  Real-Estate Brokers and Property Developers Regulation (German: MaBV), Law on Safeguarding Construction Claims (German: GSB) , Act on the Protection of Construction Claims (German: BauFordSiG)
  • Building Craftsman Collaterals, Debt-Securing Mortgage

Commercial and Private Rental and Usufructuary Leasing Law

  • Drafting of Commercial and Private Rental and Usufructuary Lease Agreements
  • Termination and other ways of Termination of Rental and Usufructuary Lease Agreements
  • Advice and Representation in the Settlement of terminated Rental and Usufructuary Lease Relationships
  • Representation in Court Proceedings, e.g. for Eviction or Payment
  • Advice on Maintenance, Restoration and Cosmetic Repairs
  • Assertion of Rights due to Defects of the Rental Object
  • Advice on Questions regarding the Operating Costs Statement or Rent Security Deposits

Condominium Law

  • Advice as well as extrajudicial and judicial Representation in the Administration of the Condominium
  • Advice as well as extrajudicial and judicial Representation in Questions concerning the Validity of Resolutions of the Owners’ Association in Court Proceedings, in particular in the Event of a Contestation of Resolutions
  • Advice as well as extrajudicial and judicial Representation in Questions regarding the Declaration of Partition
  • Advice as well as extrajudicial and judicial Representation in Questions regarding Maintenance and Repair of Common Property
  • Advice as well as extrajudicial and judicial Representation in Questions regarding the Business Plan and Annual Accounts

Brokerage Law

  • Drafting and Review of Brokerage Contracts and GTCs
  • Representation in Disputes concerning Commission, Liability etc. - in and out of court
  • Review of individual Questions in Brokerage Law
  • Advising of Brokerage Companies in Competition Law
  • Tax Advice for Brokers and Review of individual Tax Questions regarding Brokerage


WirtschaftsWoche | KUNZ is TOP LAW FIRM for Construction Law 2021

Successful start of the year: KUNZ and Dr. Dr. Theis again receive the award for "TOP Law Firm in Construction Law" and "Top Lawyer in Construction Law" in the current WirtschaftsWoche ranking:

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Eckhard K. Kunz

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Dr. Dr. Stefanie Theis, L.L. M.

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for building and architectural law
Specialist lawyer for public procurement law
Justice at the Constitutional Court of the Federal State of Rhineland Palatia

Dr. Andreas Ziegler

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Dr. jur. Christian Müller

Salary Partner
Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for administrative law
Specialist lawyer for building and architectural law

David Frisch MLB

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for labor law
Specialist lawyer for building and architectural law
Master of Law & Business (MLB)
Real estate manager (IHK – local Chamber of Commerce)

Michael Scheid

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law
Specialist lawyer for traffic law

Michael Frohn

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Silvia Simon

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Dr. jur. Hanna Deutgen

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Wolfgang Sarx

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Niklas Majewski

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

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