Family and Inheritance

Family, property and inheritance law are important topics that affect everyone. These include, for example, starting a family, the failure of relationships, and the desire to transfer assets or the successfully managed business to the next generation in an orderly and tax-optimized manner.

As versatile as life itself is, so are the possibilities and options in family law and inheritance law. We solve complex tasks, conduct critical negotiations and, with our team of experienced specialist lawyers in the fields of family law, inheritance law, tax law as well as commercial and corporate law, we offer you outstanding competence and an eye for the overall task.

Here you can find judgements on family law

Here you can find judgements on inheritance law


Our "Family and Inheritance" team is particularly active in the following areas:

Family Law Contract Drafting

  • Advice and Drafting of Marriage Contracts
  • Protection under Family Law for Spouses connected under Company Law
  • Drafting of Contracts for tax-optimized Transfer of Assets within the Family, e.g. internal Companies, Marital Property Regime
  • Examination of the Validity of Marriage Contracts and their Challenge
  • Advice and Drafting of Separation and Divorce Agreements
  • Advice and Preparation of Powers of Attorney for Health Care
  • Advice and Preparation of Powers of Attorney to secure Parental Custody

Separation and Divorce

  • Legal Support During the Separation Phase
  • Legal Representation in Divorce Proceedings throughout Germany
  • Online Divorces
  • Cooperation with Tax Advisors and Auditors in Divorces of a Marriage of Entrepreneurs
  • Calculation and Judicial Enforcement of Claims for Compensation of Gains
  • Allocation of the Marital Home and Household Goods
  • Support in the Supply Equalization Procedure and Implementation of Amendment Procedures
  • Parental Custody/Contact/Changing Model

Asset Distribution

  • Advice and Support in the Division of Real Estate
  • Implementation of Division Auctions
  • Unbundling of Joint and Several Debts, Enforcement of Joint and Several Debtor Compensation Claims
  • Reversal of Grants/Gifts
  • Settlement of Inter-Spousal Undisclosed Partnerships
  • Tax-optimized Structuring of the Asset Distribution


  • Calculation, Defense, Judicial Enforcement of Child Support Claims
  • Calculation, Defense, Judicial Enforcement of Separation Maintenance Claims
  • Calculation, Defense, Judicial Enforcement of Post marital Maintenance Claims/Spouse Maintenance
  • Calculation, Defense, Judicial Enforcement of Maintenance Claims on the Occasion of a Birth
  • Calculation, Defense, Judicial Enforcement of Parental Maintenance Claims

Advice on Inheritance Structuring, Representation before and after the Inheritance

  • Succession Planning and Structuring including Company Succession
  • Legal and Voluntary Succession
  • Effectiveness and Interpretation of Testaments and Contracts of Inheritance
  • Acceptance and Rejection of an Inheritance
  • Claims of the (Co-)Heir against the other Co-Heirs or Third Parties
  • Settlement of the Estate between several Heirs
  • Limitation of Liability for Estate Liabilities; pre- and post-Inheritance, Legacies, Conditions, Execution of Wills, etc.
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care and Guardianship as well as Living Wills
  • Waiver of Inheritance and Compulsory Portion
  • Inheritance Purchase

Assertion and Defense of Claims for compulsory Portions

  • Compulsory Portion, including the Assertion of Claims for Information, Valuation and compulsory Portion

Legal Representation in Inheritance Certificate and Litigation Proceedings

  • Extrajudicial and judicial Representation in the Defense and Enforcement of Claims in connection with the Estate (Kaiser, Kunz)
  • Certificate of Inheritance, including the Application for a Certificate of Inheritance (Kaiser, Kunz)
  • Disqualification from Inheritance


Sandra Zavelberg

Salary Partner
Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for family law

Georg Kaiser

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law
Specialist lawyer for tax law
Specialist lawyer for inheritance law
Lecturer Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Eckhard K. Kunz

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Wolfgang Sarx

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Gabriele Kaeser

Salary Partner
Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Commercial Mediator (Steinbeis)

Isabelle Weiland

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Silvia Simon

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

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