Medicine and Medical Professions

In addition to our four specialist lawyers for medical law, our "Medicine and Medical Professions" team provides our clients with a whole team of specialist lawyers from related fields of law (corporate law, labor law, criminal law), who are active throughout Germany - in some cases across departments - in all questions concerning medical law.

Our medical law department is regularly awarded prizes by expert juries for its medical law expertise; in the current WirtschaftsWoche ranking 2020 in medical law, KUNZ is named "TOP Law Firm for Medical Law 2020" for the second time in a row. Likewise, Dr. Fuchs is again listed as "TOP Lawyer for Medical Law 2020" and thus as one of the 50 best medical law attorneys in Germany.

One of the areas of focus here is the handling of medical treatment errors. The lawyers working for our clients in the field of medical malpractice law combine many years of procedural experience with a sound medical expertise - partly acquired through additional medical training and/or the handling of several thousand liability cases - which is indispensable for the legal assessment of complex medical facts and treatment procedures. The size of our team allows us to specialize our lawyers in the respective medical fields, such as orthopedics/surgery, oncology and birth defects.

A further focus of our medical law competence area is the advice and representation of hospitals, chief physicians, registered doctors, medical care centers (German: MVZ) in the area of labor law from the drafting to the settlement of contracts, medical corporate law from the founding to the settlement of companies and legal constructs similar to companies, the acquisition and sale of practices or shares in practices, shareholder disputes, licensing law, and all related areas of law.

Closely related to the civil liability of medical doctors is the criminal law for doctors. Here, our medical law specialists work closely with our criminal law specialists, for example in cases of property offences or offences against life and physical integrity, and always keep an eye on the effects on the medical professional law (license to practice, admission, occupational ban, etc.).

KUNZ news on our area of competence „medical and hospital law”

Here you can find judgements on medical and hospital law

Here you can find judgements on medical malpractice law

Our medical law team is particularly active in the following areas:

Cooperation in the Health Care Sector

  • Cooperation of Medical Doctors
  • Supply of Remedies and Aids
  • Cooperation between Hospital and Medical Doctors

Medical Corporate Law

  • Advice on Founding a Practice and Drafting Contracts
  • Law of Medical and Dental Societies
  • Remuneration Law including Fee Sharing
  • Conflicts with Professional Organizations and Health Insurance Companies

Medical Professional Law

  • Licence to practice
  • Professional Association Ethics Proceedings
  • Occupational Ban Prohibition
  • Approval
  • Remuneration

Doctors Liability, Medical Product Liability, Pharmaceutical Liability

Criminal Medical Law

  • Allegations of Fraud and Breach of Trust
  • Allegations of Corruption
  • Killing and Assault
  • Criminal Investigation of Treatment Errors

Labor Law in the Health Care Sector

  • Chief Doctor Consulting
  • Drafting and Negotiation of Service Contracts with Senior Doctors
  • Collective Bargaining Law for the Nursing and Medical Profession
  • Interlocking with Service Companies
  • Cooperation with Hospital Medical Service Centers

Hospital Law

  • Hospital Law
  • Spin-Off and Privatization in the Hospital Sector


WirtschaftsWoche | KUNZ is TOP LAW FIRM for Medical Law 2021

For the third time in a row, KUNZ and our partner Dr. Carsten Fuchs were awarded the title "Top Law Firm in Medical Law" and "Top Lawyer in Medical Law" by WirtschaftsWoche. The award was given in the category for the treating party and insurer side.

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Arnold Neuhaus

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for labor law
Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law
Specialist lawyer for medical law

Dr. jur. Carsten Fuchs

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for insurance law
Specialist lawyer for medical law

Kirsten Prusseit

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for medical law

Alexander Baulig

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for insurance law
Specialist lawyer for medical law

Christian Rech

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for insurance law
Specialist lawyer for medical law

Marcus Menster

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for labor law

Christopher Hilgert

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for criminal law
Certified Compliance Officer (TÜV Rheinland)
Certified defense attorney for criminal tax law (DSV)
Certified Defense Attorney for Commercial Criminal Law (DSV)

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