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The work environment of journalists, advertisers, theater professionals and artists is a special one. Not only do they often work at completely different times and in a different working environment than "normal" office and industrial workers, but they also produce creative works under direct protection of fundamental rights, of which the protection and use require special defense and regulation.

Our media and copyright specialists know this special environment through their many years of consulting practice and forensic activity. We are just as familiar with rapid action in interim legal protection to defend against claims under the law of expression as we are with the prudent negotiation of license agreements or representation in proceedings before conciliation boards on matters subject to the protection of tendencies.

Likewise, collectors and event organizers of all kinds value our expertise when they are in dispute with the German performing rights society GEMA, the German performing rights society VG Wort or the German performing rights society VG Bild-Kunst, or wish to avoid such disputes in advance by obtaining our recommendations.  Among other things, we are active in questions of remuneration, tariffs and registration in order to create a secure calculation basis for the organization and realization of future events, to fend off unreasonable tariff demands and to avoid control cost surcharges.

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    Our "Media and Culture" competence team is particularly active in the following areas:


    Press Law and the Right of Expression

    • Defense of reporting by media companies, defense of claims regarding omission, counterstatement, withdrawal and compensation for pain and suffering
    • Proactive support and advice for journalists in the run-up to reporting
    • Defense of source protection


    Publishing Law

    • Advising book publishers and authors on the conclusion and interpretation of publishing contracts
    • Drafting of license agreements


    Copyrights, Photos & Related Rights

    • Advice on the collection of works, photographs, software and databases
    • -Contract drafting : licensing agreements, platform agreements, internet use agreements
    • Prosecution of infringements and defense against warning letters
    • Claims for subsequent compensation


    GEMA & other Collecting Societies

    • Advice to collectors (choice of tariff, change of tariff, adequacy of tariff).
    • Examination of claims of the collecting societies
    • Representation in negotiations with collecting societies


    Media Employment Law

    • Negotiation of company agreements / conciliation bodies in the tendency-protected area
    • Contract drafting for salaried creatives, "permanent freelancers" and freelancers
    • Restructuring measures in advertising agencies and media companies


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    Christine Libor

    Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
    Specialist Lawyer for Copyright and Media Law

    Tanja Risse

    Salary Partner
    Specialist lawyer for intellectual property rights
    Specialist lawyer for IT law
    Specialist lawyer for copyright and media law
    Lecturer at the University Koblenz-Landau

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