On our blog "KUNZ International" our area of competence "International Business" regularly provide you with new developments and analyses on topics which are relevant for your cross-border business activities, combined with recommendations for action.

Entering and Expanding in Germany – the KUNZ Business Guide as free download– Your Gateway to Germany

The KUNZ Business Guide provides a comprehensive and concise overview of what foreign investors need to know. It is also a great source for the foreign investors‘ advisors.

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Impact on M&A business - Transaction expert Dr. Hermann Knott takes a close look at planned new regulations on investment control

The planned amendment to the provisions of the Foreign Trade and Ordinance on investment control will have a significant impact on advice on transactions involving foreign direct investment. Transaction expert Dr. Hermann Knott takes a close look at planned new regulations on investment control

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Hermann Knott will moderate insight talk of the American Bar Association on disputes in international M&A transactions

The Corona pandemic has also led to uncertainty and changes regarding the conditions of business transactions. The panel, consisting of lawyers with international practice, will discuss these issues with proposed practical solutions.

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Interview with The Legal 500: Hermann Knott explains the reasons for his move to KUNZ

In the course of his career, Hermann Knott has been involved in the establishment of two major law firms. At the beginning of this year, he joined KUNZ as a partner. In an interview with Legal 500, he explains what motivated him to take this step.

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Hermann Knott taking Co-Lead in organizing 14th SCLA Global Forum

On Friday, February 26, 2021, the SCLA will hold its monthly Global Forum. The topic of this month’s event will be ‚Routes to Enforcement of Mediation Settlements‘. 

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KUNZ and Brazilian law firm Pinheiro Machado Advogados form strategic alliance

KUNZ Rechtanswälte and Brazilian law firm Pinheiro Machado Advogados form strategic alliance - Intensification of mandate support between the two largest economies in the regions

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New EU-China Investment Agreement (CAI) – Implications for German Companies Doing Business in China

Shortly before the end of 2020 the EU and China reached an agreement regarding improved access for European businesses to the Chinese market. In a guide we present the relevant contents from the point of view of German and European companies.

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Business guide regarding the key provisions of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the UK

Since January 1, 2021, the Trade Agreement between the EU and the UK is in force. In a comprehensive Guide we explain the basic principles as well as essential provisions affecting relevant sectors and business areas.


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KUNZ expands international advisory services with the renowned transaction specialist Dr. Hermann Knott

As of January 1, 2021, KUNZ will further expand its advisory competence for medium-sized businesses and strengthen its "International Business" competence area with a team around the internationally very experienced, well-connected M&A/corporate expert and new partner Dr. Hermann Knott, co-founder of two major international law firms.

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China - the big winner of the pandemic? Consequences for German entrepreneurs and foreign investments

China will probably be the only large economy to achieve economic growth in 2020.  What consequences will this have for German companies and foreign investment?

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On the outcome of the US elections: New opportunities for Europe - new opportunities for Rhineland-Palatinate

The outcome of the election offers the opportunity to revive transatlantic trade relations, which are also important for companies in Rhineland-Palatinate. If trade restrictions of the Trump era can be removed again, new market opportunities will arise.

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To be or not to be – the President of the United States

Did you want to wake up today and find out who will be the new US President? We still don't have that answer.

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Brexit and its consequences in the time of Covid 19 - what can German companies expect?

The negotiations on the conditions for Britain's withdrawal from the EU are now entering their final phase. What can German companies expect, what should they fear? We venture a look ahead.

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IMF recommendation to continue high national debt offers opportunities for German companies

Who always saves, never has anything - IMF recommendation to continue high national debt offers opportunities for German companies.

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The Middle Kingdom: Between US Sanctions and Neutrality in Europe - Implications for German Companies

Webinar of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham) on the effects of the U.S. sanctions on China on October 15, 2020 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. with experts from the U.S. and a German entrepreneur who has been active in China for many years.

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Donald Trump Corona - tested positive - When Trump coughs, the economy is infected

All kinds of rumors are circulating about Donald Trump's corona infection. For example, the disease is associated with election campaign tactics - from the search for sympathy to the attempt to postpone the election date. But this is only one side of the story.

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Where is the USA heading after the presidential election? - First television debate of the candidates

After the clash between Trump and Biden, many questions remain: How will the burden of taxes, regulatory requirements and the predictability of decisions develop for our clients from the business world?

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ECJ declares data protection agreement "Privacy Shield" between EU and USA invalid

The European Court of Justice has declared the data protection agreement "Privacy Shield" between the EU and the USA to be invalid (ECJ ruling of 16.07.2020, C-311/18). This has far-reaching consequences for transatlantic business transactions.

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