Dr. jur. Ira Ditandy

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for administrative law
Specialist lawyer for insurance law
Profil-Dr. jur. Ira DitandyProfil-Dr. jur. Ira Ditandy

Dr. Ira Ditandy is a partner in our law firm. As a specialist in administrative law, she and her team of administrative and public procurement lawyers advise the public sector mainly on projects in the fields of public building, planning and energy law in all phases and issues.

In this field, as well as in her further area of specialty field, the right of the public service of the civil servants and soldiers, Dr. Ditandy appears for her clients out of court as well as judicially with the instance courts and the Federal Administrative Court, frequently also in competition dispute procedures as procedural representatives of one of the parties involved. A large number of court decisions published in the legal press on so far unresolved legal issues both under domestic and EU law which can be traced back to the forensic work of Dr. Ditandy.

Dr. Ditandy is also active as a specialist lawyer for insurance law both in and out of court. Her expertise in insurance and administrative law benefits local authorities and the parties she represents to the same extent, for example in questions of fidelity liability or disability. Furthermore, Dr. Ditandy is particularly active in the field of private personal insurance law.

After publication of her doctorate thesis, Dr. Ditandy has also been the author of various publications in the professional journal Verbraucher und Recht (VuR – consumer and law).

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