Dr Knott on the advantages of a medium-sized law firm compared to a large law firm in the current issue of "Modern Lawyer"

Large or medium-sized law firm - an alternative with many variables

For clients as well as for younger and experienced lawyers, the question arises as to which type of law firm to choose for one's professional activity or engaging lawyers. This is the subject of the article by KUNZ partner Dr Hermann Knott and his long-time colleague, law firm consultant Robert Millard, Cambridge, England.

The article combines Hermann Knott’s personal experiences from legal practice with Rob Millard’s  knowledge from external consulting for law firms. In this way, a comprehensive picture is given of the differences in structure and working methods between large and medium-sized law firms.

Hermann Knott was one of the founders in the larger law firm environment, has worked abroad, is also admitted to the bar in New York, has published numerous articles and regularly speaks at international forums. At the beginning of the year, he decided to join KUNZ as for being a medium-sized commercial law firm. 

The main reason for joining KUNZ is the entrepreneurial perspective of expanding the international practice in a dynamically developing and expanding medium-sized law firm together with the excellent and highly committed lawyers in the firm.

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