Entering and Expanding in Germany – the KUNZ Business Guide as free download– Your Gateway to Germany

KUNZ is firmly committed to assisting its foreign clients and contacts in all respects in connection with establishing or growing their business in Germany. On more than 100 pages the KUNZ Business Guide provides a comprehensive and concise overview of what foreign investors need to know. It is also a great source for the foreign investors‘ advisors.

The KUNZ Business Guide covers all areas of law which are relevant when doing business in Germany. The information has been prepared from the perspective of the investor. It is a must-have for investors and their advisors. Coordinated by the KUNZ‘ ‚International Business‘ competence  group KUNZ specialist lawyers from the other competence areas have  also made contributions to the Guide. Responsible for the content is our partner Dr. Hermann Knott. Using plain language it provides all relevant information in a clearly arranged format. Enjoy reading and stay in touch with KUNZ Lawyers

Here you get with two clicks to the KUNZ Business Guide "Entering and Expanding in Germany – Your Gateway to Germany" for free.