Dr. jur. Carsten Fuchs

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
Specialist lawyer for insurance law
Specialist lawyer for medical law
Profil-Dr. jur. Carsten FuchsProfil-Dr. jur. Carsten Fuchs

Dr. Fuchs is a partner in our firm. Since joining our firm in 1998, he has built up and successively expanded the insurance and medical law department through consistent specialization. Today, a total of nine specialists in these fields, all of whom have the appropriate qualifications, are available to our clients.

Dr. Fuchs is regularly awarded in the annual rankings of leading business magazines for his achievements in insurance and medical law. In the current WiWo-Ranking 2020 he is listed as one of the 50 best medical lawyers (TOP Anwalt Medizinrecht) throughout Germany and as one of the 22 best lawyers in the field of insurance law (TOP Anwalt Versicherungsrecht) throughout Germany.

The same applies to the insurance law department under the leadership of Dr. Fuchs. In its current ranking, the business magazine Capital, for example, has named KUNZ as one of the twenty "Best Law Firms 2020 in the Field of Insurance Law" throughout Germany; WirtschaftsWoche named us one of the 22 most renowned law firms in the field of insurance law 2020. In the FOCUS SPEZIAL "Top Lawyers 2016" Dr. Fuchs was mentioned as FOCUS SPEZIAL EXPERTE (FOCUS SPECIAL EXPERT).

With his team, Dr. Fuchs represents his clients both in and out of court throughout Germany in all insurance and liability matters.

One focus of his work is in the area of personal insurance (occupational disability insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, life insurance), the handling of serious personal injury claims and medical malpractice liability. Dr. Fuchs has many years of negotiation and litigation experience in these areas.

However, successful litigation in personal insurance and (medical) liability law depends not only on the legal expertise of the lawyer but also on extensive medical knowledge. Dr. Fuchs, who himself comes from a family of physicians, is therefore constantly advancing his knowledge in the medical field and places great value on broad medical expertise when selecting his team. This approach is completed by a broad network of medical experts.

Dr. Fuchs also has extensive experience in lecturing (e.g. as a lecturer for the specialist lawyers' course in insurance law or for renowned organizers of legal training events in insurance law [Beck, Forum] as well as in the context of in-house training courses); as author of the Juris Praxis Report on Insurance Law and for the journal MedR, he has published numerous specialist articles on various insurance and medical law issues for many years. In what is probably one of the most comprehensive collections of judgements on insurance and liability law as well as on medical malpractice law in Germany, Dr. Fuchs summarizes the most important recent judgements on a monthly basis and publishes them on our website, among others.

Dr. Fuchs is regularly asked to act as an expert for journalistic articles (e.g. Focus, Handelsblatt, FAZ etc.) and for contributions to radio and television; he also publishes in professional journals (NJW, MedR) and was for many years the author of the juris PraxisReport Versicherungsrecht, an online service on recent developments in insurance law.

Dr. Fuchs is a member of the Insurance Law Examination Board of the Chamber of Lawyers for the Koblenz Higher Regional District and a member of the Insurance Law Working Group of the German Bar Association. In addition, he is a member of the Medical Law Working Group of the German Bar Association, a lawyer of confidence of the Health Foundation and a member of the Medical Lawyers' Association.

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